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On Deck specialises in ad-hoc jobs in the Music & Events Industry. Whether you’re an organiser needing to fill roles for your next event, or you yourself are looking to work in the industry, you’ve come to the right place! After seeing countless statuses on Facebook from promotors/organisers needing people to work certain nights, or people asking if there was any ad-hoc work going anywhere, we decided to create a platform that focusses on this industry, all in one place. Create a profile, and get posting!

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Latest Recruitments
  • Somebody to empty the Ballpit every week

    December 3, 2018


  • Bed Mondays - Looking for Room 2 DJ's every Monday at Gravity Nightclub

    September 26, 2018


  • Bed Mondays - Looking for people to create lanyards for us! - *BEFORE FRIDAY!*

    September 26, 2018


Why use On Deck?
  • Personalised Profiles

    By having public profiles for employers and employees, you can read up and make sure that you are a match before applying for jobs. You can also rate each other, so you can see if someone is reliable from their rating. This means less time wasted!

  • Easy Communications

    Whether you're needing people to work at your events, or you're someone looking to get work in the event industry, you can communicate with each other through the On Deck platform once requesting/applying for a job. This means you can discuss details and arrange next steps easily.

  • Quick, Secure Payments

    On Deck connects to your PayPal, meaning that all payments are in your account straight away. You don't have to worry about sending bank details across - just connect your profile to your PayPal.

How does it work for event organisers?
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  • Search your needs

    Search for what you need, or put out a request. If you know what you want, have a look through the jobs already posted. Otherwise, put up a request for workers to apply for.

  • Find what suits you

    Whether you're looking for DJs, door staff or someone to design posters. Use the categories to find exactly what you need.

  • Get your work done

    Communicate through the platform with potential workers, give them the details they need and see them at your event!